Publication list


[1810.01858] Undecidability of the spectral gap in one dimension

[1809.08185] Tensor network representations from the geometry of entangled states

[1709.07691] Locality at the boundary implies gap in the bulk for 2D peps

Published or accepted

[1804.09525] Quantum conditional relative entropy and quasi-factorization of the relative entropy

[1705.09491] Divide and conquer method for proving gaps of frustration free hamiltonians

[1705.03521] Superadditivity of quantum relative entropy for general states

[1512.05687] Size-driven quantum phase transitions

[1505.02776] Area law for fixed points of rapidly mixing dissipative quantum systems

[1409.7809] Rapid mixing and stability of quantum dissipative systems

[1303.4744] Stability of local quantum dissipative systems