Publication list

This is a list of publications, organized by topic. For a cronological list, see my arXiv author page.

    Quantum memories

    November 2023

  1. [2107.01628] Thermalization in Kitaev's quantum double models via tensor network techniques

    The AKLT model

    December 2023

  2. [2209.01141] Stability of the spectral gap and ground state indistinguishability for a decorated AKLT model

    April 2023

  3. [2212.11872] A nonvanishing spectral gap for AKLT models on generalized decorated graphs

    July 2020

  4. [1912.10327] Deformations of the boundary theory of the square-lattice AKLT model

    January 2020

  5. [1901.09297] A class of two-dimensional AKLT models with a gap

    Dissipative systems

    February 2024

  6. [2112.00601] Entropy decay for Davies semigroups of a one dimensional quantum lattice

    February 2023

  7. [2112.00593] Rapid thermalization of spin chain commuting Hamiltonians

    June 2021

  8. [1908.09004] On the modified logarithmic Sobolev inequality for the heat-bath dynamics for 1D systems

    November 2018

  9. [1804.09525] Quantum conditional relative entropy and quasi-factorization of the relative entropy

    November 2017

  10. [1705.03521] Superadditivity of quantum relative entropy for general states

    September 2015

  11. [1505.02776] Area law for fixed points of rapidly mixing dissipative quantum systems

    April 2015

  12. [1409.7809] Rapid mixing and stability of quantum dissipative systems

    April 2015

  13. [1303.4744] Stability of local quantum dissipative systems

    Spectral gaps and tensor network states

    September 2020

  14. [1809.08185] Tensor network representations from the geometry of entangled states

    March 2019

  15. [1709.07691] Locality at the boundary implies gap in the bulk for 2D PEPS

    March 2018

  16. [1705.09491] Divide and conquer method for proving gaps of frustration free Hamiltonians

    Quantum phases and undecidability

    August 2020

  17. [1810.01858] Undecidability of the spectral gap in one dimension

    December 2017

  18. [1512.05687] Size-driven quantum phase transitions


    December 2019

  19. [1901.00899] Recursion relations for chromatic coefficients for graphs and hypergraphs