Feb 2018

Quantum Information Theory (University of Copenhagen) 2017/2018

In February–March 2018 I taught the tutorial classes for the Quantum Information Theory course at the University of Copenhagen, run by Matthias Christandl. The course was in English.

The course lasted 7 weeks (7.5 ECTS), with 2 hours of tutorials each week.

Sep 2017

Introduction to University Pedagogy

In September 2017, I have attended the week-long intensive course Introduction to University Pedagogy of University of Copenhagen. The course was 3 ECTS/30h long.

During the course, I have prepared a 20 minutes lecture on a topic of my choosing, which was then instructed to my fellow course students and discussed. The slides of the short course are available here.

Sep 2015

Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2015/2016

I have taught the following courses as a Teaching Assistant, preparing weekly exercises lessons and in few cases substituting the Professor running the course in the theory lectures. Courses where taught in Spanish.

Análisis de variable real

1st year math students. 18 ECTS credits, 50 hours of classroom teaching.

Calculo integral

2nd year math/physics students. 6 ECTS credits, 15 hours of classroom teaching.

Métodos matemáticos para la ingeniería

1st year computer engineering students. 6 ECTS credits, 15 hours of classroom teaching.